Works procedure within domestic properties during Covid 19 pandemic

During these unprecedented times and with no obvious end in sight, we must start to return to some form of normality.

This does not come without risks of contracting the virus and additional measures must be introduced to ensure the safety of both worker's and client's families.

Booking are now being taken from the 1st June 2020 for Stove installation work, Stove surveys and chimney sweeping.

Please find below guidelines which must be followed in order to complete an agreed appointment.

Chimney Sweeping

  1. The front door bell will be rung and 2 metre distance observed.
  2. Please direct your sweep towards the stove/open fire by the most direct route, leaving all doors open (if weather allows).
  3. Your sweep will disinfect hands prior to applying new latex gloves and wear a mask at all points.
  4. Once direction to the appliance is given and possible problems relayed then we ask that the route to, along with the room the appliance is in remains vacant.
  5. Your sweep will disinfect the stove and hearth before and after the sweep.
  6. Once all equipment has been removed, The sweep will call to let the homeowner know everything is finished.
  7. Sweeps will be unable to accept offers of food and/or drink.
  8. Sweeps will ensure alternative arrangements for toilet use.
  9. Certification will be emailed within 3 days of the completed sweep.
  10. Invoices will be issued by email. Should you wish to pay in cash then please put the correct money in a sealed envelope with your name/address. No change will be carried.
  11. In the event access is required to the room, then 2 metres social distancing must be obeyed by both parties.

Stove installations

  1. The front door bell will be rung and 2 metre distance observed.
  2. Please direct your installers towards the stove/open fire by the most direct route, leaving all doors open (if weather allows). If the appliance is to be installed into a room with direct access (i.e French doors to a lounge) then please direct the installer around the outside of the property towards these doors.
  3. Once all sheets and room coverings have been applied any doors that do not restrict access will be closed to segregate the room from the rest of the house.
  4. Any open plan spaces will be segregated, and we ask no home owner enters this area – This will be a distance of 3 metres from the stove or access route.
  5. In the event No 4 is not achievable then we ask that 2 metres social distancing is obtained and installers will move out the way for the homeowner to access the area they require.
  6. The upmost care will be taken regarding PPE to ensure there is minimal possibility of transferring the virus.
  7. Workers will supply there own food and drink and we will be unable to accept any offers.
  8. Wherever possible workers will ensure alternative arrangements for toilet use. In the event this isn't possible then the area will be disinfected before and after use.
  9. Upon completion of works, the area will have the dust sheets and floor coverings removed and the stove and hearth will be disinfected.
  10. Customer hand over, test fire and commissioning will be completed with the customer with installers wearing face masks however we ask you to respect the 2 metre social distancing rules.
  11. The property will be vacated by the installers and door left open.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or any homeowners are Self Isolating, then you must postpone your appointment.

Clients who are shielding or most vulnerable are advised to remain in a separate part of the house or garden during the entire visit.

This is new territory for all of us and sometimes we will all end up on auto pilot. In this event, please feel free to remind your sweep of these conditions if needed and we hope you do not get offended should your sweep need to remind you.

In the event these conditions are not followed by the customer it may result in the appointment being cancelled or postponed where an additional fee may be due.

We thank you for your help, understanding and support through these tough times that hopefully will soon be behind us.

Kind regards

Matthew and Claire Ruffle.